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Martínez, Álvaro

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Noviembre de 1952
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Alan Lomax lo menciona en sus diarios, si bien no tenemos sus grabaciones:

Regaifas I turned back to the young men and asked them to sing us something old this time. They scratched their heads and admitted they knew no old songs but they knew an old way of singing, swapping of insults in verse called regaifas. Alvaro Martinez began the argument looking very embarrassed, singing..... Alvaro could scarcely finish the song, but Jose was not at all embarrassed. He grinned, put his hand on Alvaro's shoulder and replied. This is a way of singing very popular in local fiestas. A fine big cake is baked and set between the two singers chosen to contest. They argue away in song, and the one who sings the last couplet wins the cake. Despite the fact that there was no cake and no fiesta this night, everyone who heard the song assured me that it was both good and typical.

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.32 1952/11 Diarios de Alan Lomax y Jeanette Bell en Galicia Diari de camp

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