AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.66

Notas de Alan Lomax sobre grabaciones y carta de Lomax a Mr. List
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1953 aprox.

Copias mecanografiadas con el contenido de las grabaciones, el tiempo de cada pista, el coste en dólares. Se detalla el contenido de la colección:

  1. The Folk Music of Malloarca and Ibiza
  2. The Folk Dances of Mallorca
    The Jota of Aragon
  3. Cities of Andalucia, I. Jerez and Seville
  4. Cities of Andalucia, II. A. Cadiz and Cordoba. B. Granada, Ronda, Tarija, Murcia
  5. Cities of Andalucia, III. The streets of Granada.
  6. Castille, Extremadura and Leon
  7. Gallicia and Asturias and Santander
  8. The Basques, Catalonia, Aragon, Valencia
  9. The Spanish Ballad (?)
    The Dances of Spain

A continuación encontramos una colección de hojas mecanogriadas con comentarios de cada canción de las grabaciones, redactados. No están escritos por Lomax, ya que menciona a Lomax. Encontramos también los textos de las grabaciones y su traducción al inglés. Se encuentran los ocho reels de España, el reel IX de Italia, el X de Italia y Japón. En la hoja encabezada con Reel XI, se dice "This reel is a copy that the archive made for me of a tape which consists almost entirely of speech, and which I am therefore returning".

La carpeta también contiene una carta de Lomax a Mr. List

Alan Lomax
10 Cholmelye Park,
London, N6

Dear Mr. List,

Attached are 1) the notes for GYPSY STRINGS, formerly called Granada Strings and 2) a list of the people in Spain to whom royalties are to be paid on the various albums. I have contracts covering all these arrangements, copies of which I can let you have if you want them for your files. If I may make a suggestion, you may choose to pay the Spanish monies through the Banco de Bilbao, of which there is a branch in New York City, and which is handling the payments for me there in London---those payments which come directly out of my advance.

I would appreciate your letting me know how I will be able to handle the dubbing sessions that will be involved in preparing the subsequent albums in the series. And also I want to know how you resolved the problems of name credit involved in the first five albums.

Yours sincerely,
Alan lomax
P.S. In regard to the listings of royalties... I am not quite sure of the order of the albums as you have changed them so that over each one I am giving a general descriptie title and no number. Let me know if you have any problem in working this out.

En un trozo de papel, manuscrito: "Libreria de Casado / pedir si tiene las obras de música del padre Pastrana / Señor Manenido". No es la letra de Lomax. Hoja mecanografiada:

The Valencian Style with Horns and Guitar

First the wind instruments enter with a warm and almost too sweet introduction, making the listener feel comfortable and at the same time, powerful. Then suddenly comes the voice of the poet, announcing his theme in one cried out line. With his last word the instruments fall silent as if they were listening respectfully. He sings his five lines, completing his poem to his love. When the song is done the instruments play a phrase that is almost a sigh, as if they were saying "thats just the way we fee too, but we really have nothing further to add".

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