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García Luengo, Honorato

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Noviembre de 1952
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Ayudó a Lomax en la localización de informantes leoneses. En sus diarios (03.02.29), Lomax anota:

The first card of Generla Benevidi's took us to the house of Honorato-------.
He took my hand in both of his and spoke very rapidly into his Alfonso 12th mustache, while his two taut sons strode up and down the room. No-one spoke to Pip at all, and I had no time to introduce her, because these three nervous men kept me so busy. The main problem was not to arrange what I wanted, but to arrange for me to come back in the morning, and the hour I was to come back was a point of much discussion. Suddenly one the men said,
"We must take the senores to see the maestro now, he will be at home, it is a good hour". Old Honorato, instead of protesting stopped me and told me the complete contents of the 'Folksongs of Leon', a book that was only obtainable in Madrid, not a copy anywhere in the state of Leon. In the course of this chat he explained the literary copyright system of his country.
At last we shook hands and said goodbye and started for the door, but just at the strategic corner the tall and most nervous of the tow sons ushered us intot he dining room and sta down at the piano and unlocked it.
"Wouldn't you like to hear some of the typical music of our country?" they said, and with a floruish the young man began to larrup the piano in a way that was all too dreadfully familiar. "Why thats 'In the Mood'" gasped Pip, and so it was, played the way a bar room piano player would play it.
"American music is more popular here than our own" said the young player, "We like boogy woogy".
Poor old Honorato leaned over to us and groaned, and our feet got colder and colder. Presently the seventh variation of 'In the Mood' relapsed into the warped interior of that ancient upright and the old man got his sone to play some of the tunes of the Marogatas. We never would have come to Astorgas if we hadn't heard them for they had style and a kind of impassioned melancholy. 

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.04.62 1953/06/25 Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax y Honorato García Luengo Card (tarjeta de visita), Letter
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.29 1952/11 Diarios, notas de campo y entrevistas de Alan Lomax y Jeanette Bell en León Diary, Notebook

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