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Pepi (guía en León)

Date of performance: 
Noviembre de 1952
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Sirvió como guía a Lomax en la región maragata. En sus diarios, Lomax anota:

At precicely [sic] the moment when I had decided to run out and find him, he [Honorato García Luengo] came in with a handsome young man named Pepi. After Pepi had made quite sure we did not want to hear the arranged music of the cathedral or the Section Feminina, he said he would be back for us and we would go to the most interesting Astorgan village. So at four o'clock we set out. Pepi, his novia, a rather lean priest, pip, myself and the recording machine all crammed into the Citroen.
I took it easy over the cruel road and we had plenty of time to talk [...].

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.29 1952/11 Diarios, notas de campo y entrevistas de Alan Lomax y Jeanette Bell en León Diary, Notebook

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