AFC 2004/004: MS 03.04.19

Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax y Dina Moore Bowden
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1953 aprox.

Alan Lomax
c/o B.B.C.London, W.l.

Dear Mrs [manuscrito:] D.M. Bowden. nous Portales, Mallorca

I wish I were swimming in your blue hole of the ocean. Instead I am spending a cold Spring here in London preparing my big Spanish collection for broadcasting on the BBC. They are going to do about seven one hour programmes with it.

This involves a few problems which I cannot solve without the help of friends in Spain such as yourself. Some of the groups I recorded at the Palma Festival I have very imprecise information about. There are: "Cossiers de Algaida"; "Flores de Sol, Puigpunent, Mallorca"; "Ecos de Pla", Campos, Mallorca; "Cossiers de Manocor; "Dansadores de Port d'Inca." This last group is managed by a young man who is clerk at the Alhambra Hotel. Would it be possible for you to get the precise addresses of all the managers of these groups so that the BBC can send them their very small fees for permission to use their music in the broadcasts? If you happen to see any of the people yourself you can tell them that they will be hearing from us.

Step No. 2: I curse myself for not having done absolutely everything before leaving Mallorca, but it was just impossible to work all the time there. I hope this letter finds you well and amiable, because I realise that this is quite a chore. Could you write soon?

My best regards to you and yours,

[otra, manuscrita:]

Dear Alan Lomax

Moll [¿José María Gomar Moll?] will give the talk using your records tonight at seven promptly. Another lecture comes on at 7.30. It will be at the ancient (rebuilt) Estudio General Lulliano [...] back of the Cathedral [vuelto]

Moll was very [...] when told him of your appreciation. He liked you very much.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Dina Moore Bowden

[más pequeño, a continuación] [rotado:] I loved hearing them.

hates - this came back but I think you may like to know that the recording came over loud and clear when used by Moll. He gave you and the records full credit and said he hope you would return so as to "capture" all the folk music of Mallorca and that he was looking forward to collaborate with you in this. The lecture was held in the patio of the ancient universaly

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