AFC 2004/004: MS 03.05.25

Carta de Alan Lomax para Monsier Pre (Philips Recording Corporation)
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22a, Clifton Hill,
St. John's Wood,
London N.W.8.

31st December 1953.
Monsier Pre,
Philips Recording Corporation,
2, Cite Paradis,

Dear Mr. Pre,

When we met, we discussed Spanish recordings in which your firm seemed very interested.

Oppenheimer has written that he has not had time to listen to them in New York, but I would like an answer from you, no matter what he decides. It seems to me you have had the tapes long enough now to have come to some conclusion.

Gilbert Rouget, Musee de l'Homme, has made the best recordings so far of West African music, technically incredibly good. I wrote Oppenheimer about them and negotiated for one or two LPs, but one thing Rouget wants is release in France, since he has been assured by one record company that his record will win a prize in the National Competition.

Would you be so kind as to call him up, give his material a hearing and decide whether you want it for your release. I do not think he will accept a Columbia offer unless he can feel sure that he can have it released quite in France.

I cannot urge your too strongly to work with Rouget who is the best person in the field of the recording of primitive music and can present you with a series of extremely important and interesting items in this field. I should like to know that you have seen him.

You may remember that I asked you to have copied and sent to New York some of your Tahitian recordings. My friend in America who is to edit my Polonesian Album has never received them. Could you find out whether they were sent from your office or not.

With all best wishes, for the New Year,

Sincerely your friend,

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