AFC 2004/004: MS 03.04.30

Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax y Douglas Cleverdon (BBC)
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Carta con encabezamiento de la BBC, de 16 de enero de 1953. En ella se responde a una carta de Lomax de 10 de enero. Se piden disculpas porque las cintas no llegaran hasta Lómax cuando estaba en Galicia. También se menciona que si quiere conocer a los editores de los seis programas debe concertarlo con Salter, quien también podría ponerlo en contacto con Torner. "I don't know whether Third know about Torner - I will tell them". También le contesta sobre alojamiento para un par de meses, diciendo que su habitación de invitados está ocupada.


Reference 03/F/DC

16th January 1953

Dear Alan,

Many thanks for your letter of January 10th. I'm sorry the tapes never got through the customs to you in Galicia; but I don't think there is much point the BBC trying to complain to B.E.A. because of a failure to teoephone you. It wouldn't get us anywehre, infuriating theough it must have been for you. I am enquiring about the E.M.I. tapes.

I understand that Salter left London last week and is now in Barcelona at the Majestic Hotel. He will be in Paris on February 4th and 5th. This being so, would you prefer to play your selection from the tapes to him then? It might then be possible to dub them by line from the BBC Paris office direct to Broadcasting House: thus saving bother in bringing the whole lot through the customs? I am writing to Salter, so that you and he can get in touch with each other as required. And until I have your reply, I will not ask Recorded Programmes to do anything about (1) getting the tapes and recording machine in throught the customs; (2) booking dubbing time in London.

With regard to meeting the editors of the six rpogrammes, I suggest that you should arrange this with Salter when you see him. He could also put you in touch with Torner; I don't know whether Third know about Torner - I will tell them.

With regard to housing you for a couple of months, I am afraid that our only spare room is now occupied by a Finnish girl (celibate) who helps in the house. Furnished rooms seem to be scarcer than ever, but if I hear of one I will let you know.

[vuelto] I am delighted to hear that you have so much good stuff; I look forward to hearing, not 170 reels, but your selections.

Yours ever,
[firma manuscrita]
(Douglas Cleverdon)

Alan Lomax Esq.,
Musee des Arts et Traditions Populaires,
Place du Trocadero,
Paris, 16e

[otra carta:]

Musee des Arts et Traditions Populaires,
Palais de Chaillot
Place du Trocadero,
Paris, 16e

21st January, 1953.
D. Cleverdon, Esq.,
Features Department,

Dear Douglas,

Thanks for your letter of 16th January. When I have got to the Spanish material in good shape I will get in touch with you about an import license, a wire connetion or whatever is necessary for our dubbing sessions. It strikes me it would be much simpler, since I have to produce one show and make very complex contributions to five others, for me and my tapes to come to London for two or three weeks. If so, I would like some place to work around B.B.C.

You misunderstood my last letter. I was talking about office space and not a bed.

Sincerely yours,
Alan Lomax.

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