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Hombres de Valldemossa

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4 de julio de 1952
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Indica que estas grabaciones se realizaron, como las anteriores, en la calle frente al Hotel Artista, pero a altas horas de la noche, cuando solamente quedó un grupo de hombres y Lomax les pidió que tocasen la ximbomba y Juan fue a por los instrumentos. Lomax indica que "la temperatura del grupo creció considerablemente cuando el sonido empezó" y alude a las connotaciones fálicas de la ximbomba ("The first song was recorded in the street in front of the Artist Hotel in Valldemosa. After the concert of earlier recordings, quite late, a group of men stayed behind. I asked for Ximbomba. Juan ran to get the instruments. The temperature of the group rose considerably when the sound began. The faces of the men broke into broad grins. Some of the girls locked shy. There was no mistaking what this thing looked like - nor what the playing of it looked like either- a man handling his long cane phallus. At one am the electricity was cut off and with two bottles of cognac we strolled off to the moonlit hills. On a field of what stubble, fived by moonlight, we spangled on light gold shady and the handling of the ximbomba began again. All of us were solteros (bachelors) and in a few moments the price of V's solteros took the Xim in his hony palm and began to make it grunt like the sound of two bodies in copulation and then the real xim verses were sung. The young men leaned backs against the golden evacliling what and neigheat their pleasure and gave Pedro the most solid shoraies any singer had all night. To play with the Xim your hand must be wet. We friction makes the sound come. At the hotel we had glasses of water on the hill side only spit. But Pedro" [no continúa]).

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.04.47 1956/02/12 Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax y Bartolomé Estaràs Carta

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