List of genres

The collected repertory can be searched according to a classification of musical genres in three general groups:
a) “canto” (vocal works);
b) “canto y baile” (vocal works with dancing); and
c) “instrumental music".
As we incorporate more works to the database, we will add more genres and we will study the possibility of other classifications (for instance, by annual cycle or liturgical calendar).
To the three basic categories, we have been adding recently the category "Descripción de costumbres/fiestas populares/juegos" to indicate those pieces with descriptive information of particular interest; obviously there are many pieces previously catalogued in this web which have this kind of information, but were not marked with this category.
Since 2015 we have added the category (not a genre) "Violencia de género" and we have marked with a purple ribbon in our catalogue those pieces of oral tradition which have a text particularly violent against women. In this way, we want to call attention to the problem of violence against women in today's society and to facilitate research about it in connection with the transmission of traditional music.

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