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Señora Regina

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Noviembre de 1952
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En sus diarios, Lomax anota: "Next Senora Regina and Senora Martinez tried to get through a desafio, which is an insult song, but every time Regina would get to the pay off line of her verse she would get the giggles and the whole of the recording would come to a stop. I took us the rest of the afternoon and almost the whole reel of tape to get down two verses. The reason was that the practise of desafio was still alive in Soto Justo and it sent the people into firts to hear these rhymes so recently screamed out along the village street. Sometimes when the women are washing clothes along the river they begin to tease each other in song and the lines go on until the contestans run out of verses or out of patience and then the hair pulling, scratching and screaming come into play".

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.32 1952/11 Diarios de Alan Lomax y Jeanette Bell en Galicia Diary

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