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Amaya, Pastora

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19 de septiembre de 1952
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Esta cantaora y bailaora de flamenco era esposa de Antonio Montoya Flores (Farruco) (Pozuelo de Alarcón1935Sevilla1997). En la obra Duende y misterio del flamenco, del cineasta Edgar Neville, puede verse una interpretación de la informante y Farruco en el mismo año en que Lomax realizó sus grabaciones.

En la caja de la cinta original, Lomax anota: "The singer of 3 is a little squint of a black haired, big mouthed ugly child who is 17 and married to the star dancer of the troupe who is 18, they have a lovely baby of 6 months who comes to".

También en sus programas para la BBC, Lomax comenta sobre esta informante: "[...] I decided to wait and talk to the gypsies after the performance and see what could be had. The principal dancer, a slip of a girl who had just been lying on the floor, her hips weaving and her black hair flying in pseudo-orgiastic frenzy, came into the kitchen, picked up her baby and began to suckle it. Does she know and old lullabye, I asked her husband? Yes, she has one from her grandmother, the boy said and the girl began in her husky voice, as the baby's eyes glazed with sleep... [audio] At one point a gypsy pinched the child so that it would cry out on the record... On playback everyone agreed that this was indeed very, very old, and they laughed shouted oles, for the child who had cried out. I packed up and paid off. The song came out of a recent film I had seen two weeks before in Madrid".

En su cuaderno de campo (03.02.20), Lomax informa sobre la sesión de grabación con Pastora Amaya:

Sevilla - Session a Juajira's often hours from 2-4 AM.
Pastora Amaya - 17 years old
big black eyes [...] smile
a wonderful slim body [...]
old baby
Guitar player - a pale face with glasses [...]

For the last song - from Extremadura - the girl has her baby in her lap - a little brown tiny all eyes with hands like small brown kisses which wave [...] in the air [...] his mother's arms as she claps a song from her home country Extremadura, Badajoz is her home where they speak so much more [verso de la hoja] carefully than we do, saying "padre" - instead of "pare" "madre" instead of "mare" - She has flat cheek bones and a broad flat [...] and a big [...] mouth - [...] but she is very sensitive and fine [...]

Her husband is the finest looking gypsy [...] we've seen with a quick fine smile and movement as quick as a bird.
The first singer is 29 years old looks 40 because his eyelids are heavy and tined [...] but doesn't sing form much feeling
Chocolate, the second, is a slight brown youth very vaint high [...]

[hoja siguiente] [...] Guajira is about 50 - wears a flat Andalusian hat. His wife is deep brown and pretty at 40. Comes from Malaga [...]. The crowd is absolutely intent on music - everybody helps everybody else to sing encouraging them with shouts, clapping and [...]in the floor [...] the best example of this was when one boy [...] lullaby and the other shouted [...] cried meantime the father was protesting [verso de la hoja] [...] Juajira interfered with my [...] to Pastora I was trying to get her to sing her lullaby [...] he said that all gitanas begin strong and high and get softer toward the end of the phrases - But every body liked the last song from Extremadura best.

La Cabrela (a family with gypsy family that sings [...] well)
Calle Burro

Pastora amaya
Cortijo del Juajiro
Los Remedios

[hoja siguiente:] Antonio Montoya (Chocolate)
Cortijo del Juajiro
Luis Colonel
Toro Buiza
Patio Bandevas, 11
interested [...] in folklore of bullfight
Canciones de Navidad - Societies in Seville
50 men in [...]
cultural society [...] de Cultural

12-3- Angelito, the comic, is brother of the Society de Cultura and will tell me if they can sing for me [...]
Niña de la Falpa [¿Puebla?], the best in Spain
1PM can hear Arturo Pavon who has arranged soleares, etc for piano...

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.05.29 1953 aprox. Carta de Alan Lomax para J. A. Pulpón Letter
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.20 1952/09/14-20 Libreta "Andalucia / notes on songs styles, etc." Card (tarjeta de visita), Notebook, Song lyrics
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.19 1952/09/19-28 Notas del trabajo de campo de Alan Lomax en Sevilla Card (tarjeta de visita), Notebook

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