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Antón Bermejo, Crescencio

60 (1952)
Place of birth: 
Zarzuela del Monte, Segovia
Place of residence: 
Zarzuela del Monte, Segovia
Missions / Competitions: 

Lomax anota en la caja de la cinta T705: "Crecencio Anton Bermejo, 60, jornalero" ("day laborer").

En la caja de la cinta T704, Lomax alaba la actuación de este informante, que tocaba el tambor, y su compañero: 

The drummer is fantastic little man with a face without vertically like a last years lection. He plays a snare drum. The gaita player is a remarkable musician with tremendous purpose in his face, both in patch black [...] ordinary clothes and black berets turned purple white. The sun. He is extremely serious and fine
​paid 200 psts

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Title Date Title Type of document
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.05.07 1958/06/24 Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax, Sixto Montalvo y Crescencio Antón Bermejo Letter
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.67 1953-1958 Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax y Jacinto González (Radio Zamora), Francisco Esmorís, Modesto Sánchez, Alfredo García, etc. Letter

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