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Pavón Cruz, Pastora, "La Niña de los Peines" (Sevilla, 10 de febrero de 1890-Sevilla, 26 de noviembre de 1969)

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Esta fotografía, entre otras de la misma informante, fue tomada por Lomax en Coria del Río (Sevilla) el 20 de septiembre de 1952 (

En sus programas para la BBC, Lomax mencionaba a la informante: "I resolved in Andalucia to leave aside the highly cultivated music of flamenco and cante hondo, so well recorded by singers like Niña de los Peines. I paid a party call on that lady, who lives now in comfortable semi-retirement, but I took my recording machine into the streets".

Lomax escribe extensamente sobre ella en su cuaderno de campo (03.02.20):

Guitarras who played for Niña de Los Peines
Ramon Montoya
Ruiz Molina
Currito de la Geroma
Niño Ricardo
Melchor de Marchena

You have to have the throat and the heart for it - for can't teach anybody how to sing
The style is changed be [...] became the public taste has changed
Never sings anymore her husband decided she should retire and she has
Father-Francesco Pavana-Sevilla
Mother-Pastora Cruz-Sevilla
Doesn't know when she was born - "Many"- Three in family two brothers one dead, [...] Pavon, contador- Arturo Pavon brother living singer.
F. Pavon - herrero - 15 duros by [...]
The first artista
1 hija - Pastora Pinto
Married Octubre 1950
Married 22 years ago in Seville before the Esperanza a la M[...]
20 Callatraba
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[hoja siguiente:] Niña de los Peines
She began singing when she was 12 - had sung always for the children's [...] singing was as natural as breathing - His songs just came to her when she says [?] And she never has had to sit [...] Nowadays it is harder she has stopped singing
Her mother put her in the theater [?] because it was a way she could earn money. Eating was important in the family of a poor gypsy [...] She had a "[...] value" was a great [...] from the very first. Toured all Spain
In [...] She was thirty years in the theatre - then her husband made her retire and rest - This [...] she had a hard [vuelto] time getting upstairs.
My friend told me that it is known that her husband married her because he admired her art not because he loved her physically her strong face is considered very ugly and very gypsy by everyone here.
This explains why she [...] her whole life now to her husband. She claims that she does not [...] to have the house like to [...] She doesn't do much housework for her legs are weak and she [...]
And neve sings at all. She claims that her life in theatre [...] her with singing - but she added that [...] between her and the rest is that she sang from the heart and they sang only for money, not [...]

[hoja siguiente:] what they are doing, not even in the bath as Pip forced her to admit. Her [...] to us was to admire Pip - say muy guapa many times - touch her a litle timidly. And we would say that she valued good looks more than anything in earth. [...] complement about her [...] anything [...] what Pip had to say "magnifico" where upon she [...] somewhat.
Her husband is a [...] typical smalltime  [...] not bad hearted but  [...] who took her for her art and subjugated her by threatening to remove her love
She never had children for fear she couldn't walk then when that posibility of power was gone he made her [vuelto] retire from the theatre [...] her whether she would accept an offer to [...] she said she preferred to stay at home where she could sleep when [...] what she wanted and do as she please.
She has the piercing [...] blach gypsy [...] attitude about money and [...] relationship she is [...] on the balcony to wave us goodbye [...] the gold in her [...] teeth [...] y artistas Flamencas

Cantaores Andaluces
Nuñez de Prado
Cantes Flamencos
Antonio Machado y Al[...]

Bibliografía: Bohórquez, Manuel. La Niña de los Peines en la Casa de los Pavón. Sevilla: Signatura Ediciones de Andalucía, 2000.


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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.05.22 1953 aprox. Carta de Alan Lomax para Pastora Pavón (Niña de los Peines) Letter
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.20 1952/09/14-20 Libreta "Andalucia / notes on songs styles, etc." Card (tarjeta de visita), Notebook, Song lyrics

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