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León, Manuel (Pepe de Triana)

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22 de septiembre de 1952
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No es un informante propiamente, sino la persona que invitó a Lomax a realizar las grabaciones del Bar Luis de Sevilla a las 4 de la madrugada. En la caja de la cinta original, Lomax anota: "Pepe de Triana. He came shouted olé for himself as he listened, them what nothing understand, the English".

En su cuaderno de campo, Lomax comenta sobre la sesión en el Bar Luis:

"The [...] of it all was Pepe la Triana - a contractor - a stubbly grey headed man, with a great laugh and a desire to hick the gorg around that beeps him in [...] his nights. He loves flamenco and sings well [...] He loves to make fun of women. The two victims of the [...] were [...] possible) and La Gitana (who had nothing but her memories. Pepe called her Las Pastora - holding his [...] he had been holding his breath for hours. A variation on this was for him to begin to [...] with his hand in her direction and brab his [...] She was not very happy at all - sometimes she would turn her head and accuse him of being impotent - others she would stick out her tongue and call him "hombre de [...]" And he would brag his nose and wave her off yelling pastora. Whenever I'd come around he'd often to take me with him at the [...] indicating that it was very cheap stuff [...] 8 or 10 de most - All this was shouted [...] of the early morning at one of the rowdiest bars in Sevilla. But the little man was not ph[...]ed by the noise - He would [...] the neck of another bottle of wine [...] the head of his sheping friend, fill my glass, [...] and yell "Viva Bar Luis - viva La Pastora". The [...] was that he [...] us all by [...] Especially he owned the [...] and although he smached me in the face a couple of times affectionately (?) he was relatively nice to all the men. But the women he kept [...] every moment as what they were - a guy and homely whores. He he[...] Adolpho [...] that the way it is at all the huergas he says no place for [...] women.
Will why don't guays [...] that get [...] nice [...] girls for the evening [?] they can afford it
We're not like that in Seville, Adolpho explained. Have we don't want to be stuck all night with a girl who has no talent. We like singing and dancing and if a woman is a good singer and dancer we can  put up [...] her looks. If has't she won't [...] all night with nothing to say. Then may be by morning we'll change our minds about our [...] or else we'll get another girl to finish the night with
Lila and La Gitana appeared used to this treatment to say the least and went on to have fine [...] dancing solos, [...] jaleoing the singers and not letting hold of their men unless absolutely necessary. Pastora duteling little Pepe and Lila clinging to Pepe's friend, who looked more like piece of cold fried chicken than anybody I ever saw".


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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.04.99 1953/06/26 Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax y José Antonio Martín El Rubio Letter
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.23 1952/09/23-24 Cuaderno de campo de Alan Lomax en Sevilla (Bar Luis y pregones) y Bormujos (granja) Notebook, Song lyrics

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