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Criado de los Reyes, Joaquín

Date of performance: 
Septiembre de 1952
Place of residence: 
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En uno de sus cuadernos de campo (03.02.20), Lomax anota:

Joaquin Criado De los Reyes (72) sing for his living wondering [?] singer
The old man from the poor barrio of Sevilla sings with much more extended [...] than other singers I have heard goes red in the face puts in with his lips and "a-on" decoration or an a-ou aye-ou hand on [...] straight back pointing with no finger [...]
1) Un leon en su cueva
muere de celo [...]
2) Yo fui al entierro
se murio mi esperanza [...] [Anota a la derecha de la letra: "funeral party"]
3) Si el que quiera madroña
vaya a la Sierra [...] [Anota: "(tempranillo - famous bandit of 1870-90)".
Hours going from one song to another and still sing fine things
He has walked the roads ridden hourses, transways, cars all [...] Andalucia and Spain [...] good things bad things, medium things, singing for his living a happpy life he says
Is married, 3 children, 2 grandchildren - all live with him in Barrio Geneval del Cementario
There was a flood 3 years ago and ruined their house and furniture and so they moved in that Barrio [...].

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.20 1952/09/14-20 Libreta "Andalucia / notes on songs styles, etc." Card (tarjeta de visita), Notebook, Song lyrics

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