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Ortiz Redes, Pepe

Date of performance: 
Septiembre de 1952
Place of residence: 
Gaucín (Málaga)
Missions / Competitions: 

En su cuaderno de campo (03.02.20), Lomax anota:

Pepe Ortiz Redes 20
Suenan las dos y las tres [...]
This was erased by accident
Se lo pedi esta mañana
al cristo del Baratillo [...]
Entre los jarales de mi pensamiento [...]
music written by Maestro Naranjo
[hoja siguiente:] Pepe Ortiz - 19 - singing - Sevillanas
Joaquin Baila Carmona- 24 - guitarra
learned from luis maravilla from la triana, learned from [...] - everyone plays flamenco and so he learned by ear and played his own style
Pepe learned in Academia de Maestro Naranjo - began in medio-classico first- He likes opera, etc. very much but can't make his living at it, Luis Mariano's songs
Tus besos abreme [...]
Dolores Maria de los Dolores
[rotado:] Notes
Recorded on the end of the tape "granada 14" in the pension at gaucin

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.20 1952/09/14-20 Libreta "Andalucia / notes on songs styles, etc." Card (tarjeta de visita), Notebook, Song lyrics

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