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Don Luis

Date of performance: 
4 de octubre de 1952
Párroco de Arroyo de la Luz
Place of residence: 
Arroyo de la Luz (Cáceres)
Missions / Competitions: 

En sus diarios (03.02.25), Lomax anota:

I felt a little nervous about banging on the door, but all of my nervousness disappeared when Don Louis opened the door and began to wheeze with asthmatic cordiality. I think there is nothing so cordial as a cordial man with a wheeze, it accents everything.... When he read Angelita's card he brightened in an official sort of way and became brisk. "No", he [fol. 3] said, "How many weeks are you going to stay with us"? is face clouded for a moment when I said I was anxious to make some records the next day. I was no longer regarded as a human being by Don Louis after this remark, only as an imposter who spoke Spanish and whose sense of time was all wrong.
"Ah", he said, "If you will come at 3, or between 3 and 4 tomorrow, we will try to organise a fiesta for you. I think you will be interested. There is a kind of dance that our serving girls do with a huge tamborine called a Pandero. Here I have some couplets which I have copied down in my spare time.." and he brought out a notebook in which were copied some of the following verses among others.
Don Louis was not only the local folklorist but a poet and wrote verses for official occasions and edited the official programme book for fiestas. He looked very shy in a fat and whiskery sort of way when he said "Oh I only write verses".
I picked up a guide book and saw that La Madronera, the town where Bonifacio had collected so many romances was in fiesta "manana". I then excused myself with Don Louis and he agreed to postpone our recording session at Aroya de la Luz until the day after. He brightened considerably at having it postponed, [fol. 4] I seemed a great deal more human in his eyes, I think.
"There won't be any of those Falangist girls" he assured me.

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AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.54 1952/09 Letras de canciones de Alan Lomax ("Texts 100-119") Song lyrics
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.30 1952/11/12-18 Notas de campo y diarios de Alan Lomax y entrevista Juan Uría Diary, Notebook
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.25 1952/10/04 Cuaderno de campo de Alan Lomax en Extremadura Diary, Notebook, Song lyrics

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