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Garrido, Ángel

Date of performance: 
Junio de 1952
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En uno de sus cuadernos de campo, Lomax anota: 

Oct 12 Sunday Saragossa
Spent last weeks in Madrid awaiting new passport, answering letters, puthing [...] head on recorder, [...] we lived in a cheap pension. We had some wonderful Gallician meals I saw one of Angel Garrido's recording sessions he has superb equipment, is finding good artists, but his approach is the old purist-aesthetic approach which leaves the life out. 

Gracias a una carta de Walter Starkie a Lomax en mayo de 1953, podemos determinar que Ángel Garrido era "del hemisferio sur" y que asistió al festival de Palma, junto a Lomax y Starkie.

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Title Date Title Type of document
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.05.51 1951/04/18 Correspondencia entre Alan Lomax y Walter Starkie sobre la búsqueda de colaboradores en España Letter
AFC 2004/004: MS 03.02.28 1952/10 Notas de campo y diarios de Alan Lomax y Jeanette Bell en Aragón y Castilla y León Diary, Notebook

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