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The search can combine several options.
The numeric music incipit we have created represents the intervals between the first few notes of a piece, indicating whether the interval is ascending (+), descending (-), or represents a repeated note (=0); the number corresponds to the number of semitones (C-D is +2). For instance, the music incipit F-A-C-D-F-D can be searched through its equivalent numeric incipit: +4+3+2+3-3. This simple system helps to identify identical melodies transposed to different tonalities and/or with different texts, as well as to distinguish between different musical versions of pieces with identical text; for instance, this incipit +4+3+2+3-3 helped identify two instances of the same melody, one without text starting on F and the other with text starting on D. We are also working on a search tool with music notation and/or with a keyboard, but that will have to wait.
Recently we have incorporated the option “Audiovisuales” to search those pieces to which we have added audio or video files and/or links to YouTube or other websites with related audiovisual materials; this is an aspect of the project which we are still developing.

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Title / Incipits / Genre Location Informant Piece ID Audio
A la vila d'Olesa (A la vila d'Olesa)

Roqué, Carmen CONCURSO C48
A la vila d'Olesa ditxos qui hi podrà anar (A la vila d'Olesa ditxos qui hi podrà anar)
Canto, Canción dialogada
Solà, Carme Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Angeleta de Manresa. Angeleta baixa a l'hort (Angeleta baixa a l'hort a despedir-se de ses flores)
Canto, Canción dialogada
Capdevila, Maria Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Angeleta de Manresa. Angeleta de Manresa (Angeleta de Manresa a Tarragona n'és casada)
Canto, Canción dialogada
Roca, Maria Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Angeleta de Manresa. L'Angeleta de Manresa (L'Angeleta de Manresa a Tarragona l'han casada)
Canto, Canción dialogada
Ribera, Rita (1870-1958) Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Angeleta de Manresa. Un dia de bon matí (Un dia de bon matí el meu jardí jo regava)
Canto, Canción dialogada
Orriols, Cecilia Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Catarineta (Una cançoneta nova)

Castells, Elena CONCURSO C06
El sastre burlat (Si n'hi havia un fadrí sastre que'n venia de cusir)
Canto, Canción burlesca
Orriols, Ramona Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Els tres dallaires. Si hi havien tres dallaires dallaven un parat (Si hi havien tres dallaires dallaven un parat)
Canto, Canción dialogada
Tomàs, Maria Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Joanet passa la riba (Joanet passa la riba)

Castells, Elena CONCURSO C06
L'hortet del meu pare (A l'hortet del meu pare)

Castells Rovira, Francesc CONCURSO C06
La manresana (Un dia ballant al Pla de Manresa me'n portan la nova)
Canto, Canción popular
La manresana (Un dia ballant al plá de Manresa)
Canto, Canción popular
Les presons de Portvendres (El jovent d'avui el dia)

Castells, Elena CONCURSO C06
Roseret de roses blanques (1) (Roseret de roses blanques, qui ho hauria hagut de dir)
Balletbó, Maria Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès
Un diumenge al dematí (Un diumenge al dematí)

Castells, Elena CONCURSO C06
Una cançó vui cantar (Una cançó vui cantar )
Canto, Canción dialogada
[Sin música]
Foix Postils, Dolors (a) Canaleta Z1922 Cançoner Higini Anglès