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Pieces in this database can be searched by:
a) text incipit and/or words in the title;
b) content of all the pieces in a particular Misión or Concurso;
c) language of pieces;
d) the number of identification (ID) of the piece;
e) musical genre (genres have been grouped in three large categories: "canto", "canto y baile" and "música instrumental"; see also "Genres" in the main menu);
f) location (see also "Locations" in the main menu); and
g) music incipit (first notes of the piece).
The search can combine several options.
The numeric music incipit we have created represents the intervals between the first few notes of a piece, indicating whether the interval is ascending (+), descending (-), or represents a repeated note (=0); the number corresponds to the number of semitones (C-D is +2). For instance, the music incipit F-A-C-D-F-D can be searched through its equivalent numeric incipit: +4+3+2+3-3. This simple system helps to identify identical melodies transposed to different tonalities and/or with different texts, as well as to distinguish between different musical versions of pieces with identical text; for instance, this incipit +4+3+2+3-3 helped identify two instances of the same melody, one without text starting on F and the other with text starting on D. We are also working on a search tool with music notation and/or with a keyboard, but that will have to wait.
Recently we have incorporated the option “Audiovisuales” to search those pieces to which we have added audio or video files and/or links to YouTube or other websites with related audiovisual materials; this is an aspect of the project which we are still developing.

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Title / Incipits / Genre Location Informant Piece ID Audio
A ser soldado me voy (A ser soldado me voy )
Canto, Canción de quintos
Del Amo Sánchez, Manuel CONCURSO C35
Al pavo, pavito (Al pavo pavito pavo)
Canto, Canción infantil
Orcojada Bautista, María CONCURSO C35
Anteanoche y anoche (Anteanoche y anoche y ayer mañana)
Canto y baile, Torrás manchegas
Arribas Rodríguez, Ángel CONCURSO C35
Canta, canta, compañero (Canta canta compañero)
Canto, Villancico
Arribas Rodríguez, Ángel CONCURSO C35
Colores de sangre y oro (Colores de sangre y oro)
Canto, Canción de quintos
Ramos Escudero, Josefa, “Pindorra” CONCURSO C46
Danza del Paloteo a la Virgen de la Cruz ([Instrumental])
Música instrumental, Tocatas de baile, Danza/baile/ball de palos/bastones/bastons/Makil-dantza/paloteado
Bautista Romero, Eufrasio CONCURSO C35
El que quiera casarse (Vaya a Munera)
Canto y baile, Manchegas, Seguidillas, Seguidilla manchega
Benito Benito, Luisa CONCURSO C24
Esta noche es Navidad (Esta noche es Navidad y no es noche de dormir)
Canto, Villancico
Hernández Atencia, Juanita CONCURSO C45
Gerineldo (III) (Gerineldo Gerineldo)
Canto, Romance
Ramos Escudero, Eulogia, “La pindorra” CONCURSO C35
La Virgen va caminando (La Virgen va caminando)
Canto, Villancico
Ruiz Romero, Feliciana CONCURSO C46
Las ventanas del Palacio (Las ventanas del Palacio son maravillas)
Canto, Canción infantil, Canción y juego
Ramos Escudero, Josefa, “Pindorra” CONCURSO C35
Las zarandillejas (II) (Esto eran dos hermanas)
Canto, Romance
Ramos Escudero, Josefa, “Pindorra” CONCURSO C46
Quisiera estar tan largo (De las mujeres)
Canto y baile, Manchegas
Rodríguez Arribas, Ángel CONCURSO C46
San Antonio y los pajarillos (Divino Antonio precioso)
Canto, Romance
López Horcajada, María CONCURSO C45
San José y la Magdalena (San José y la Magdalena fueron a coger esparto)
Canto, Villancico
Bautista Romero, Eufrasio CONCURSO C35
Si quieres que el río suene (Si quieres que el río suene cantando)
Canto, Canción de ronda
Del Amo Sánchez, Manuel CONCURSO C35
Ya está el pájaro, madre (Ya está el pájaro, madre)
Canto, Canción infantil, Canción de corro
Ramos Escudero, Josefa, “Pindorra” CONCURSO C46
Ya mataron la culebra (Ya mataron la culebra)
Canto y baile, Jota
Otacho Fresneda, Virginia CONCURSO C35