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Pieces in this database can be searched by:
a) text incipit and/or words in the title;
b) content of all the pieces in a particular Misión or Concurso;
c) language of pieces;
d) the number of identification (ID) of the piece;
e) musical genre (genres have been grouped in three large categories: "canto", "canto y baile" and "música instrumental"; see also "Genres" in the main menu);
f) location (see also "Locations" in the main menu); and
g) music incipit (first notes of the piece).
The search can combine several options.
The numeric music incipit we have created represents the intervals between the first few notes of a piece, indicating whether the interval is ascending (+), descending (-), or represents a repeated note (=0); the number corresponds to the number of semitones (C-D is +2). For instance, the music incipit F-A-C-D-F-D can be searched through its equivalent numeric incipit: +4+3+2+3-3. This simple system helps to identify identical melodies transposed to different tonalities and/or with different texts, as well as to distinguish between different musical versions of pieces with identical text; for instance, this incipit +4+3+2+3-3 helped identify two instances of the same melody, one without text starting on F and the other with text starting on D. We are also working on a search tool with music notation and/or with a keyboard, but that will have to wait.
Recently we have incorporated the option “Audiovisuales” to search those pieces to which we have added audio or video files and/or links to YouTube or other websites with related audiovisual materials; this is an aspect of the project which we are still developing.

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Title / Incipits / Genre Location Informant Piece ID Audio
Música de Quintos (Quien hace limosna a un ciego)
Canto, Canción de quintos
Andrés Sastre, Carlos MISIÓN M48
Pinto pinto, serafinto (Pinto, pinto, serafinto)
Canto, Canción infantil, Canción de corro
Martínez Martínez, Lucía MISIÓN M48
Pis pisiganga (Pis pisiganga, oli de la ganya)
Canto, Canción infantil, Canción y juego
Masset Real, Miguel MISIÓN M48
Rosario (Dios te Salve Maria llena eres de gracia)
Canto, Canción religiosa
Martínez Ferrer, Francisca, Martínez Martínez, Lucía, Ronda Ripoll, María MISIÓN M48
Santa Isabel estaba a la porta (Santa Isabel estaba a la porta)
Masset Real, Miguel MISIÓN M48
Seguerillas (Seguerilles murcianes qui les ha fetes)
Canto y baile, Seguidillas
Sellés Ripoll, José MISIÓN M48
Tema de Danza

Montell Penades, Nolasco MISIÓN M48
Tres, sis, nou (Tres, sis, nou, cal fa la cola)
Canto, Canción infantil, Canción y juego
Sanchis Peiró, Rafael MISIÓN M48
Trovo (Anaba [sic] un matrimoni camí d'Arget)
Ronda Ripoll, María MISIÓN M48
Ven Periquito (Ven Periquito, ven)
Rostoll Barber, Marcelina MISIÓN M48
Vitol (Vitol i vitol al Pare Sant Antoni)

Sanchis Peiró, Rafael MISIÓN M48